A Pleasant Show

| November 2002

Ka-thud, ka-thud, ka-thud. Pop, pop. Ka-thud, ka-thud. Pop. Ka-thud. Pop.

The big OilPull rumbled along the main perimeter road at dusk one day during the 2002 Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Just as it seemed to be running strongly, the old Rumely died. Rising resolutely to the occasion, the crew aboard scrambled to get the tractor going again as darkness fell. Now, this is serious fun.

The 2002 Old Threshers Reunion, held on a gorgeous Labor Day weekend in this picturesque southeastern Iowa community, drew a crowd of more than 113,000 and 1,463 registered exhibitors, spouses and other family members, according to Lennis Moore, Reunion CEO. Such events always are hostage to the weather, he said, but the mild temperatures and sunny skies this year might best be described as 'a dream come true' for him.

Rumely was named the featured tractor and steam engine for this 52nd annual event, and 23 OilPulls and two Rumely traction engines turned up to join the celebration. Along with the OilPulls, some 450 other antique tractors of every hue lined up like a regiment of soldiers across a grassy plot the size of several football fields.

A contingent of Murray County, Okla., Antique Tractor and Implement Club members drove more than 700 miles with 30 pieces to show, ranging from an eye-catching 1950 'icecap white' Farmall Cub with red wheels, seat and lights to a pair of snazzy burnt-orange Allis-Chalmers road graders.

White Farmalls, which are very rare, were built as part of a promotional campaign in the first three months of 1950 at the Louisville, Ky., IHC plant. They were Cubs, Super As and Model Cs, and any dealer could order them to use as 'demonstrators.'