Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club's Home, Sweet Home

The new home of the Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club sits on 80 acres and has 10 new buildings

| October 1998

There's no place like home. 

If the Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club had a motto, that'd be it. Club members put the finishing touches on their new home - an 80-acre complex outside Baraboo, Wis.,– just hours before the club's annual show opened Aug. 21.

"We've had a very busy winter," said club president Don Paskey, with no small understatement. During a 15-month period that began in May 1997, club members constructed 10 buildings on 40 acres at the site. Today, there are permanent buildings for gas engines, steam engines, the shingle mill, band saw, boiler, restrooms, an office and a retail bookstore.

And there's still plenty of space for a flea market and parking.

The Badger show - one of the biggest engine shows in the state - was held at the Baraboo fairgrounds for 34 years. But as the club grew, the space there seemed to shrink. The decision was made to purchase land, and three years ago, volunteers began clearing brush at the new site. Nearly half of the 80-acre site remains heavily wooded, and shade is in abundant supply throughout the grounds.

The decision to relocate, and to purchase land, was a big step for the 600-member club.