Bridging the Gap

| January 2002

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    Gas engine hobbyist
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    Stover Model KA.

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Some fathers and sons bond through sports. Others, through shared collections. But Kevin Slutts, Iowa City, Iowa, and his son, Kris, 12, used old iron - a 2 hp Stover, to be precise - to strengthen their relationship.

The two showed off their first joint project at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, last summer. Restoring the 1925 Stover, Kevin says, 'was a real adventure.' He got no argument from Kris on that

'This one was in pretty bad shape,' Kris says. 'I knew that the flywheel was cracked, and there was even seed corn in it that mice had carried in. But we wanted something to do, and we had worked on another Stover.'

Other glitches?

'A sparkplug was missing,' Kevin recalls. 'And one of the timing gears was off, sitting inside. The mag was with it, and the oiler needed to be replaced.' Still, it was a good project for the pair. 'The engine was complete,' Kevin says, 'but it needed attention.'

Kevin's father helped track down the engine, which Kevin purchased from Edgar Lewis in Lone Tree, Iowa, in 1996. Kevin and Kris were fortunate to find an engine that had stayed in the same family since its manufacture more than 75 years ago.