Classic Tractor Fever?

Find the cure for classic tractor fever at the Classic Tractor Calendar Club reunion in Boonville, Mo.

| July 1999

Suffering from tractor fever? You just might find the cure in Boonville, Mo., this September, when dozens of world class antique tractors will be on display at one time. 

A 10-year reunion of the Classic Tractor Calendar Club will be a special feature of the Missouri River Valley Steam Engine Association's 36th annual show in Boonville Sept. 9-12.

The calendar club and the Classic Farm Tractors calendar are the creation of John Harvey, a Missouri native now living in Delaware. The full-color wall calendar – the first of its kind – features a different classic restored tractor each month.

"It is the original," John says. "I created it while the public relations director for DuPont Ag Products to promote Classic soybean herbicide. New technology has practically placed the chemical on the shelf, but the tractor calendar just keeps going, and going, and going ..."

Early this fall, it'll go to Boonville, where the 2000 calendar ("The American Tractor: Century of Success") will make its debut against a backdrop of more than 60 of the classics featured in the past decade.

"Three years ago we started talking about the possibility of getting everybody together, to end the century, if you will," says Lee Schmidt, reunion coordinator. "At this point, 62 have committed to try to be there. We already have people coming from Montana, Florida, Colorado, Canada, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Texas. And there will be several from the East Coast coming with their tractors. It will be the largest gathering of world famous tractors in history."