Finding Family Ties

| January 2002

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. For Greg Clouser of York, Pa., sharing old photographs with a friend proved the first step in relocating his grandfather's long-sold 1921 Emerson-Brantingham 40 hp TT Peerless steam engine #18045.

Greg and the engine where among many folks at the 2001 Grease, Steam and Rust Association's annual show, held the third weekend in October at McConnellsburg, Pa.

'My grandfather was Emory Dietz,' Greg said. 'He was the second or third owner of the engine, back in the late 1950s and early '60s, from the time I was an infant 'til I was 14.

'Then he sold it, and I had no idea what happened to it. As a small kid I went for rides on it and pulled the whistle.

'It was his hobby. He kept it in good shape and took it to shows, hooking it up to sawmills and threshers. Mom and Dad and the grandparents packed up and went to shows all the time.'

Recently, Greg was showing old photos featuring his family and the steam engine to an acquaintance at a show in Williams Grove, Pa. The man recognized the engine and told Greg to go to the Grease, Steam and Rust show and look up Eugene Lawson, the current owner.