| September 2004

Does anyone have information on pea viners/threshers? I have found a little information on the Internet. There is a thresher located at the Ameliasburg Historical Museum in Canada. Also, a miniature viner is on display at a museum in Minnesota.

Pea viners were built in Kewaunee and Door counties, Wis., in the 1920s and 1930s. I believe the original machine design came from France. I also found pea viners were used in California and Oregon. During World War II German prisoners of war were used in the pea fields to pick the vines and feed the viners.

I live in Virginia, originally from Marathon County, Wis., and I was lucky enough to find a pea viner hidden away in some brush on an old dirt road in Marathon County. Needless to say not much is left of this machine. They had a lot of wood and canvas, which is completely rotted away. Also, they are very large stationary machines.

I am looking for family pictures, information and stories about pea viners from the old days. Who still has one sitting on the back 40? I would like any information any one could provide. I am also looking for a whole machine or parts.

Willard Zeeb, thank you for sharing your great story on 'Intricate Inventions,' Farm Collector, July 2004. Sam Moore, I always look forward to reading your articles. Farm Collector is my favorite. I always read it cover to cover, and I keep every issue and find myself going back and rereading many articles. Thank you very much in advance.

- Jeff Lang Newport News, Va. e-mail: ninahunsch@msn.com