No Borders for British Minneapolis-Moline Collector

U.K. man a regular visitor at American Minneapolis-Moline tractor shows

| May 1999

Tractor enthusiasts across the Atlantic don't let borders limit their hobby. Ray Bailey of Wales in the United Kingdom, for instance, travels to the United States twice a year to visit friends and attend Minneapolis-Moline collector shows. 

Ray started collecting tractors more than 20 years ago. Although now a Minneapolis-Moline fan, he didn't start out with the Prairie Gold.

"I started collecting International Harvester about 20 years ago," he says, "but I lost interest. I started collecting again when I bought an MM UTS."

The 1945 MM UTS recharged Ray's interest in vintage tractors. Soon after he bought the UTS, he bought an MM GT. Within eight weeks, he purchased an MM GTS. After adding another U to his collection, Ray decided to join a friend on a visit to see what tractor collecting was like in the U.S.

"I always wanted to come over," he says. "And a John Deere collector friend wanted me to come with him in 1992."

Though Ray is not a Green fan, he made the trip, visiting the John Deere Two Cylinder Club show held in Waterloo, Iowa, that year.