White River Valley Antique Club Sold on Antique Farm Equipment Demonstrations

The White River Valley Antique Club in Elnora, Ind., focuses on antique farm equipment and historic items

| December 2000

It's hard to tell who's having more fun at the White River Valley Antique and Machinery Show: visitors to the three-day event, or members of the club. Members of the club, after all, are actively engaged in the show's specialty: demonstrating vintage equipment.

To be sure, more than a few shows are bigger than this one, which is held at Elnora in southwestern Indiana. Some shows have more tractors; others have more engines. But if it's demonstrations you're after, it'd be hard to top Elnora.

"It's in our bylaws," says White River President Melvin Paulus. "It actually says in there that this group was formed for the preservation of historic items; that we're to use them to demonstrate; to teach young people about the past."

White River members have risen to that challenge with admirable enthusiasm.

Demonstrations at the site run the gamut from a three-horse treadmill powering a thresher, to corn shredding, to a full-scale machine shop, to making lye soap.

"It really is a unique show," Melvin says. "I really think that, as far as shows I've been to, we have as good a demonstration area as any around."