Small Miracles:

| March 2001

George Luhrs lives on Long Island in New York. But chances are he'd be at home in Lilliput, for George spends countless hours in the very, very small world of the miniature model builder.

Years ago, George built farm engines in ¼ scale. Then he eased into 3/8' bore engines, then ¼' bore.

'But I kept wanting to make things smaller,' he says. 'That's the biggest challenge.'

So he stepped his hobby down a notch: now he's working on 1/8' bore, four cycle, spark plug ignition and throttle-governed engines.

'It gets to be like working on a watch,' he says. 'But I've been unable to get them to run reliably; I can't get them to keep plugging.'

For George, miniaturization is a fine challenge using skills built over a lifetime.