Remembering a Deering Binder

| 12/5/2017 1:42:00 PM

Letters from readers.

Letters from readers.


Remembering a similar baler used for scrap paper

The baler on Page 4 of your July 2017 issue looks much like a baler we used to bale paper during World War II. It was stored in our American Legion hall with the scrap paper.

On Page 32 of the July issue there is a picture of a Deering binder. As a boy, I rode many miles on one exactly like it. According to my father, the cloth shield behind the canvas was called the windshield. It had the name “Deering” stamped on it. The whip holder was called the whip socket. I am guessing the loop next to the reel was used to keep the reins from hitting the reel when horses were used.

Bob Bartz, Glenwood City, Wisconsin