Farquhar Cider Press Going Strong 82 Years Later

Learn about this family’s small operation on their farm in Bedminster as they run a Farquhar cider press which still goes strong after 82 years.

By Ken and Judy Bupp
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by Ken and Judy Bupp

My wife, Judy, and I operate a small, 58-acre farm in Bedminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our crops are apples, peaches, strawberries and a variety of vegetables. I wanted to let you know was how thrilled I was to read the article on Mike Wahl, his daughters, and his 1921 Farquhar steam engine in the December 2019 issue of Farm Collector. I do not have a steam engine, but we do have an A.B. Farquhar 32-inch cider press. It has been operating on our farm for 82 seasons. It is powered by a Ford tractor on iron wheels using a line shaft and flat belts. Back in the October 2018 issue of Farm Collector, there was an article about malleable chain links by Ted “Dutch” deHaan. Our apple elevator uses those type of links.

Thank you for these great articles and all the others.

It is a happy day when Farm Collector arrives in the mail.

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