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Mom was Grateful!

Read this reader letter about mowing hay fields back in the old days, back when there was very little machinery on the farm.

Reader Contribution by Duane Greenhoe

In the November 2019 issue of Farm Collector, Sam Moore’s column brought back some memories.

When my parents moved to the farm where I grew up, the owner had a Ford Ferguson tractor. The only tools that went with it were a rear-mounted 2-bottom plow and a cultivator. Everything else was horse-drawn, with the tongues cut off. The hay fields weren’t square.

When Dad mowed them, Mom would ride the mower to raise the bar in certain places so it wouldn’t bunch the hay. Sometimes if Mom wasn’t aware and the mower hit a rock, it would throw her off. The farm owner noticed that one day and went to the local Ford dealer and bought one like the one pictured here. It was a real improvement, but like Sam stated, it was a bear to put on.

When we took it off and set it on blocks, the next time we put it on, it had usually fallen off the blocks. It was a real job to get it back up, fastened in place. When dad bought the farm, he scrapped that and bought a bigger tractor with live PTO and a trailer mower.

Duane Greenhoe, Ionia, Mich.

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  • Published on Jul 7, 2020
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