The Lighter Side of Iron

| 11/9/2010 5:06:36 PM

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There is so much to see and learn at an antique tractor event, but there is something else that I find at every show: a wonderful sense of humor. No matter what part of the country you travel to, there is always someone with a sense of fun and a little orneriness for good measure. I have included a few examples and will continue my search as I hit the road. 

Maytag engine 

A Maytag engine owned by Dave Rotigel of Pennsylvania. Found at the ATIS tent in Portland, Ind., during the Tri-State Gas Engine Show.

Old bull blind, or country woman's lingerie 

This old bull blind was displayed by Dwayne & Sandy Hansford of Rustic Red Acres of Edinburgh, Ind., at various shows. They labeled it with a sign that read “Country Woman’s Lingerie”

 Bucket Seat