Long-Forgotten Breed of Cattle Discovered

This letter gives praise to the sprouts of our august 2019 issue and the discovery of a long forgotten breed of cattle it depicted.

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by Donald Robertson and Charles Leedy

As I was perusing your August 2019 issue, I happened upon the Sprouts page and was enjoying the wonderful artwork by the young artists. I was particularly struck by the farmyard scene depicted by Donald Robertson of White Creek, New York. It was beautifully rendered, complete with an external silo ladder, glowing hay mow and John Deere chopper rig with yellow pickup and horn.

But it was the cattle pen that really caught my attention. Imagine my surprise and delight to see that young Mr. Robertson is raising the same breed of cattle I raised back in 1963 when I was 7 years old. I was under the impression that the breed had long ago gone out of style. But thankfully I was wrong and the breed is alive and well.

I’ve attached some pictures for comparison. On the left is Mr. Robertson’s picture. On the right is a picture of a sign that I still have from those long-ago days. Thank you, Mr. Robertson!

Charles D. Leedy, Winston Salem, North Carolina

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