Potato Digger Has Familiar Name

| 2/8/2017 12:05:00 PM

gear cover 

potato digger

After reading Sam Moore’s column on the Ransomes crawler in the January 2017 issue of Farm Collector, I knew that Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries sounded familiar. I couldn’t recall exactly where or when I had seen that company name until I began looking in my vast empire of implements of the past. I found an old horse-drawn potato digger beautifully cast with the name “Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries” on the gear cover. On the casting that covers the driveshaft is a casting that reads “Ransomes Digger.”

I purchased this digger about 35 years ago from Brickajlik Bros. used farm equipment in Sellersville, Pa. It is ground-driven and in very good condition.

Garrison Brown,
Eastville, Virginia