United Country Auction – Topeka, Kansas

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On the road again, but this time with a little different twist.

My husband and I were involved with an auction close to our town held by United Country Pagel Auction & Realty, Inc, Wayne Pagel, auctioneer.

They had advertised in the June issue of Farm Collector, so there was still that familiar content of old iron.

An Oliver tractor at the auction

The old iron included several antique tractors and engines, but also about a hundred antique vehicles, plus memorabilia. One star of the show was a 1936 Cadillac 80 convertible Fleetwood V-12.

The day of the sale, my first job was to park cars. I met people in the driveway and directed them on to the pasture to line up in some sort of organized rows. (Yeah, that doesn’t always work like you picture it will!) It took a while to accomplish this, and I would blame the downpour of rain we had early that morning but if you know me, it could have been that I was chatting so much with each person I greeted! I was even surprised to see a couple of familiar faces I normally see at the regular tractor shows and swaps. And one guy pulled up in a Farm Collector hat–brownie points for him!

The 1936 Cadillac 80

The rest of the day I just did what I could to help out and enjoyed watching the crowd.  The auctioneers were crying and the people were yepping.

I visited with a collector who came from California and I found out his company in L.A.  makes crankshafts for pulling tractors and antique tractor pulls, Scat Enterprises. Another connection to the tractor world. No matter where you go you will find some connection to the antique farm equipment: the old buggies and vehicles that helped us run the farms and homesteads in the past, right along with the collectors who are preserving them for the future.

I appreciate ALL the auctioneers who advertise in Farm Collector and Gas Engine Magazine. It’s a huge part of old iron’s past and future. There are so many stories to be told at an auction about each old sign, tractor, wagon, photo, whatever it may be, and after an auction is over, another chapter begins as it’s passed on to another owner. Cheers to everyone who keeps breathing life into old treasures!

See you down the road!

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