What Does the New Year Hold for You?

We have said goodbye to the year 2020, and now welcome 2021 with open arms! What awaits us in this new year?

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by Gary Tennant

In December, we often find ourselves reflecting on events of the past year. But 2020 has been a bit of a doozie. At this juncture, I suspect I’ll find little objection to shifting our collective gaze forward, rather than back. And there’s nothing wrong with that. While there is much to be learned through a backward glance, a little extra consideration of the year ahead won’t hurt any of us.

What projects might you tackle in 2021? What new interests might you pursue? Who might help you learn something new? How can you help your club plan its best show ever? Will you grow your collection, or reduce it? What can you do to help someone else get interested in old iron?

Let’s not get bogged down in resolutions. But let’s do stay open to new things in our lives. None of us are ever too old to learn a new trick or two!

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We also remain grateful for your support. Your enthusiasm for this hobby, your willingness to share a story or a photo, the kind words you send our way – all of this makes this work not only easier but a pleasure. From all of us at Farm Collector, our very best wishes that your new year will be bright and happy! FC

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