Avid Collectors of Ottawa Engines

A Pennsylvania couple assembles inspiring collection of Ottawa engines

| November 1998

Meet George and Helen Myers, ambassadors for Ottawa. Ottawa engines, that is. 

The Blain, Penn., couple have been collectors for years. Phonographs, classic cars, they've done it all. But these days they've narrowed their scope to Ottawa engines, originally produced in Ottawa, Kan. They're avid collectors - they have 31 pieces of the Ottawa line, including tractor saws, engines and drag saws - but they're also unofficial ambassadors. From their home base on the east coast, where Ottawa is slowly becoming better known, they spread the word, maintain a comprehensive collectors' registry, and generate good will.

"We're the eastern contingent," George said. "There's getting to be more interest in Ottawa in our part of the country, since we started up with it."

Helen said easterners are starting to include Ottawa engines in their collections.

"I think they're starting to realize that an Ottawa is a very important and unique piece of equipment," she said. "And I'd like to think we had something to do with that."

The couple's own entrance into the Ottawa line came by accident.