Hobbyist's Collection Includes Unusual Engines

Hobbyist Norm Wood's collection is not run of the mill, including some unusual engines

| October 1998

Norm Wood is not your typical hobbyist. His collection includes some unusual engines: an engine that runs backward, a jet powered tractor and an engine cut away to reveal its working parts.

"I like things that are unusual," he said.

Norm, who lives in Norman, Okla., retired from work as an aircraft mechanic in 1990. Shortly after that he began collecting engines.

"That old bug just kind of bit me," he said.

He started going to sales and swap meets, restoring his finds himself. Before long, he had a collection of 25 John Deere engines, including 17 of different configurations. Why John Deere?

"I really don't know," he said. "My first engine was a 3 hp John Deere, but there's other manufacturers that are just as good."