Mogul Engine Restoration Takes Time

Restoration of a 4 hp Mogul engine took four years and a lot of patience

| November 1999

As a collector of International Harvester engines, Johnnie Hough knew exactly what he wanted: a 4 hp Mogul engine. So, after years of looking, when he finally got a shot at one, he jumped on it ... even if it meant buying the Mogul engine sight unseen. 

"I got it from a guy from Idaho," he said. "I made a deal on it from a picture I saw at Waukee (Iowa)."

The screen cooled engine falls neatly into the "rare" category.

"It's pretty scarce," he said. "They only made 200 of them. Most 4 hp Moguls were hopper cooled, and had a bigger tank."

It wasn't the biggest project he'd ever taken on, but it was time consuming.

"I bought it in 1995, and I just finished it this spring," Johnnie said. Finding parts for the 1914 engine was a challenge.