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Recognize This Mystery Engine?

Reader Contribution by Farm Collector

Do any readers recognize this mystery engine? It appears to have been made in the early 1920s, the specifications and features are as follows: It has a bore of 3-3/8 inches and a stroke of 4 inches. It has a cast iron piston with two compression rings. It is air-cooled using a flat belt-driven two-bladed fan mounted to the side of the cylinder (not shown in the photographs). The bracket is visible.

The magneto is an American Swiss. It is lubricated by an external plunger type oil pump that feeds an oil dripper trough (below the connecting rod), and it also feeds the timing cover. It has a spark plug with 7/8 regular reach. The fuel mixer uses a rotating drum instead of a butterfly and incorporates a valve-on-seat setup similar to Lunkenhiemer. It has no identifying marks, except “V2,” which is cast into the crankcase mounting foot. Responses can be sent to Gas Engine Magazine or mailed to me. John A. Burgoyne, 106 Stoney Ridge, Azle, TX 76020

  • Published on Apr 22, 2013
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