Old Engine Pencil Drawings

Susan Eddy creates beautiful pencil drawings of old engines

| January 1999

Gears interlocking in precision ... perfectly threaded ignitors ... gleaming oil caps: it's the stuff of engines, but also the focus of artwork created by Susan Eddy. 

Susan, who lives in Numa, Iowa, with her husband, James, and infant daughter, has a long involvement with old gas engines and tractors.

"I grew up around it," she said. "First with my dad. We were always running around, looking for old engines or tractors -- well, we still do. And then with my husband ... It's just been a part of my life."

Although she's restored her share of engines (an Emerson-Brantingham awaits finishing touches in the garage), in recent years her passion for vintage equipment has bloomed through her pencil drawings. A natural artist, she's had little formal training.

"I've always been interested in art," she said. "In my senior year in high school, my art teacher really encouraged me."

She works in watercolor, oils and acrylic, "but pencil drawings are what I call my first love," she said.