Perfection Engine Identified

Lang & Scharmann Perfection engine was proudly displayed in vintage photograph

| July 1999

This month's Vintage Iron topic comes from Joseph Prindle, a reader from Wisconsin. He has identified the mystery engine in the photo postcard on page 55 of the May issue. It is a Perfection gasoline engine made by Lang & Scharmann Manufacturers, Marshfield, Wis. 

He sent me copies of three different newspaper ads he found in the Marshfield Herald. However, they were from microfiche and would not reproduce well here.

Joe has researched the company and found that its time in the engine business was short-lived. There is no mention of the company in The American Gasoline Engine by C.H. Wendel. We have no mention of the company in our files, and Joe has searched through several years' issues of Gas Power and Gas Review, but found nothing.

Joe is starting a registry of Perfection engines, and would like to know if any other readers are aware of any. He only knows of 2 more, a 4 hp and 8 hp.

He also sent us copies of the engine's patent papers: "Patented June 14, 1910, #961, 156 governing mechanism explosive engines" and "Patented Sept. 20, 1910, #970, 545 Ignitor for explosive engines" with both applications filed on May 10, 1909, by Peter Paulson, Marshfield, Wis.

The "Perfection" used the trademark "Made in Marshfield." Joe's research found an Aug. 5, 1911 advertisement in the Marshfield Herald introducing "The Paulson" engine built by Lang & Scharmann. An Oct. 21, 1911 advertisement in the same paper shows the same engine, but calls it "The Perfection." The ad makes no mention of Peter Paulson.