Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

By the busload

Bill Vossler

'Chug, chugs' sparked collector's fondness for engines

Antique Oldenburg Engine: 1928 Fairbanks-Morse 80 hp Diesel

Farm Collector staff

An Indiana antique machinery club restores the powerhouse of a Catholic academy and motherhouse.

Building Fences: Post Rock for Rock Fence Posts

Scott Hollis

A distinct lack of trees in north-central Kansas led homesteaders to mark their boundaries with limestone fence posts.

Apple blossoms & antique farm machinery

Jill Teunis

Spring event brings out rare and varied treasures



Nancy Smith

1919 engine once powered paper plant

Old Iron's Funny Man

Bill Vossler

Nebraska humorist, Roger Welsch, shines spotlight on rural ways

The Monmouth

Nancy Smith

Owner seeks out engine's history

Fired Up

Gary Van Hoozer

Spark plug collecting fueled by diversity