Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

Without Peer

Jack Raphael

The remarkable history of Peerless separators.

Bigger is Better:

Leslie C. McDaniel

Model Builder Makes the Jump to Full-Size Engines

Local Favorite:

Leslie C. McDaniel

Pennsylvania Collectors Sold on New Holland Engines

Galloway Engine Collector Builds Registry

Jill Teunis

Maryland man and Galloway engine collector puts together serial number registry of the Galloway Company


Early Technology Modernized the Cranberry Industry

Farm Collector Staff

Antique engines and other early technology made cranberry farming easier

Rough and Tumble Engineers Museum Built on Lobbyists' Legacy

Leslie C. McDaniel

The Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association's museum in Kinzers, Penn. features seven buildings housing a huge collection of steam traction engines, large gas engines and gas tractors.

Craftsman Favors Mini Engines

Gary Van Hoozer

Collector and craftsman Bill Gorman creates detailed, replica mini engines

Rare Shaw Stationary Gas Engine

Leslie C. McDaniel

Shaw Mfg. Co., known for the Shaw Du-All, made a one-of-a-kind stationary gas engine