Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

Mogul Engine Restoration Takes Time

Leslie C. McDaniel

Restoration of a 4 hp Mogul engine took four years, skill and a lot of patience

United Engine Found in Creek Bank

C. Wayne Walker Jr.

An air-cooled United engine turns up in the bank of a creek in Kansas

Perfection Engine Identified

G. Wayne Walker Jr

Lang & Scharmann Perfection engine was proudly displayed in vintage photograph

Exclusive Club of Monitor Engine Owners

Leslie C. McDaniel

Four friends, four rare 1 hp Monitor engines in their collections


Almost Unknown: Jones System Light Outfit

G. Wayne Walker Jr.

A Jones System by Electric Lighting is a rare and almost unknown light outfit that was made in Kansas City

Collection Showcases Handmade Implements and Farm Tools

By Jill Teunis

Unique handmade farm tools, implements and equipment abound in one Marylander's collection.

Struck by Lightning: The Kansas City Hay Press Co.

G. Wayne Walker Jr.

The Kansas City (Mo.) Hay Press Co. has built, by far, some of the most interesting engines and equipment manufactured at the turn of the century.

2 hp Famous Engine Prize of Collection

Leslie C. McDaniel

Left to the elements for three decades, a 2 hp Famous engine finally gets a loving restoration