Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

Unknown American Engine

by Farm Collector

An unknown American engine has surfaced in Johannesburg, South Africa. Can you help identify it?

GEM Experts: Mystery John Deere

by Farm Collector

Without a GEM Expert to contact, one reader is looking for an expert on this John Deere marked EB92.

Who Built This Magnet Engine?

by Farm Collector

A Gas Engine Magazine reader is looking for his Magnet engine, which may have been built in Canada.   

Old Engine Sparks New Hobby

By Cary Rideout

Canadian old engine collector gives engines new life.


Jim Hilgartner's Murphy Diesel Engine

by Farm Collector

See video of Jim Hilgartner's 1952 Murphy Diesel engine at work.

Missing Details on 2-Cycle Hit and Miss Engine

by Farm Collector

Long-time collector of antique engines seeks details on an unknown 2-cycle hit-and-miss.

Recognize This Mystery Engine?

by Farm Collector

Texas engine collector seeks identification of mystery engine.

More Information on Tayoga Engine?

by Farm Collector

Reader Darrell Bower is looking for information on a Tayoga engine manufactured by the Field Force Pump Co.