Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

More Information on Tayoga Engine?

by Farm Collector

Reader Darrell Bower is looking for information on a Tayoga engine manufactured by the Field Force Pump Co. 

Help the National World War II Museum Indentify PT Boat Generators

by Farm Collector

The National World War II Museum is restoring a PT boat and needs help finding two generators. 

Looking to Learn About Little Liz

by Farm Collector

Bill Peeples is looking for information on the Little Liz gas engine 

Accidental Hobbyist Acquires Antique Gas Engine Collection

By Bill Vossler

David Harder’s antique gas engine collection evolved by chance.


Cushman Cub Help

by Farm Collector

Wayne Welburn is looking for information on installing a coil and activating parts on a Cushman Cub.

Scratch-Built One-Off Wonders

By Bill Vossler

Iowa man shows his skills by making full-sized scratch-built gasoline engines 

Rob Skinner's Western Gas Engine

by Farm Collector

Antique gas engine expert Rob Skinner shows off his 1908 Western Model 1905 geared engine

Wilbur Taylor's Hit-And-Miss Ingeco Type W

by Beth Beavers

Video of Wilbur Taylor's 1917 6 HP Ingeco Type W, modified to run as a hit-and-miss engine.