Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

Terry Mayhugh's Howell V-Twin 4-Cycle Gas Engine

by Farm Collector

See Terry Mayhugh's Howell V-Twin 4-Cycle gas engine run

Mechanical Designs with a Tormach 1100

Julie Henning

Terry Mayhugh builds a Jerry Howell V-4 IC engine using a Tormach 1100 PCNC Mill

Diamond in the Very Rough: A Straight-8 Engine Emerges

Clell G. Ballard

An Auburn straight-8 engine proves great finds still possible

Heyday of the Stirling Hot Air Engine

Renae Vander Schaaf

Unique principle led to rise of the Stirling hot air engine in varied applications


Looking for White Lily engine information

by Farm Collector

A reader is looking for more information on Syracuse-based White Lily engines that he found in an old catalog.

Fuller & Johnson Comes Home

Dan R. Manning

Timing is everything: Missourian’s patience pays off with Fuller & Johnson engine/mill combo.

Proper Drip Rate for an Oiler

by Christian Williams

The proper drip rate for an oiler on a 2 HP hit-and-miss gas engine.

Can You Name This Mystery Canadian Gas Engine?

by Christian Williams

Kevin Lightcap is trying to solve a 30 year mystery by figuring out the name of his grandfather's Canadian gas engine.