Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

600 HP Snow Engine

by Christian Williams

Video footage of the 600 HP Snow Engine on display at the Western Minnesota Steam Thresher's Reunion grounds at Rollag, Minn.

Rescuing a 12 HP Domestic from the Bahamian Jungle

by Randy Reysen

Randy Reysen shares the rescue story of a 12 HP Domestic from the Bahamian jungle.

Collecting Sandwich Equipment

Loretta Sorensen

South Dakotan Dave Thompson stays close to his roots with his Sandwich Mfg. Co. collection.

Junkyard Yields Gems for Gas Engine Collector

Leslie C. McManus

Bill Briney’s engine collection includes very nice, very rare pieces – from junkyards.


Who Built This Engine?

Vernon Hansmeier

“I have an engine that I can’t find the make of. ...”

1909 Famous Vertical Engine

Don Voelker

A 1909 Famous vertical engine in original, pristine condition is the heart of an Indiana collection.

Challenge Engine Line a Lesser-Known Classic

By Leslie C. McManus

Challenge gas engines are a highly collectible but lesser-known product from a company best recognized for its windmills.

It's a Small World for a Minnesota Model Maker

By Bill Vossler

Model maker Neal James of rural Elk River, Minn., has built 27 engines, including seven gasoline engines.