Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.


Len Colp

Gone are the Days

Coloring Outside the Lines

Scott Hollis

Oregon engine collector paints over conventional wisdom

Sleeping Beauty

Richard Backus

A 20-hp Stickney gas engine buried by a bed of sand and time is unearthed and given a new life


Sam Moore

Olds Revisited


Separators, Churns Milking Machines

Ronald S. Barlow

Handy farm devices turned raw milk into ready cash

Parr for the Course

Bill Vossler

Hart-Parr Co. set the standard by introducing 'tractors' to the farm

Farm Day Are here Again

Oscar H. Will III

New Hampshire farm museum celebrates New England's agrarian heritage

Ground Zero

Scott Hollis

Engine collector owns three great reasons to live in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa