Relic John Deere combine goes to work

| December 2009

  • 1958 John Deere 45 combine
    Herb Bohrer's restored 1958 John Deere 45 combine working the field between two modern John Deere combines.
    courtesy Herb Bohrer

  • 1958 John Deere 45 combine

Just to follow up on the article on my combine in the January 2009 edition of Farm Collector, I am sending a photo of the John Deere 45 combine working in the field with a couple of new John Deere combines owned by Van Orden Brothers Farms. The combine worked fine, but I didn’t stay in the field too long. I was afraid of getting eaten by those monsters. They told me the grain was running about 120 to 130 bushels to the acre, and I ran the combine about a quarter of a mile.

Herb Bohrer

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