The IH Fast-Hitch Story: Implement Show-Stoppers Tell 2-Point Hitch History

Fast-Hitch implements draw crowds at farm shows even though the system was short lived

| July 2010

Looking for a show display that’s a guaranteed draw?

Take an insider’s tip from two Wisconsin collectors: implements.

When Mark Peters, Menasha, and Rick Wisnefske, Larsen, set up their display of about two dozen International Harvester Fast-Hitch implements last summer, they practically had to hand out numbers to the crowd. “I got hoarse from talking so much,” Mark says. “I’ve been told I’m very long-winded, but I ran out of wind. People were lined up to ask questions; they were very interested, very curious. Some of them had never seen stuff like this before.”

The irony of the situation is that implements don’t generate much interest – until people see them. “We went to a Red Power Round Up in Pennsylvania about five years ago,” Rick recalls, “and Fast-Hitch was the feature – and they didn’t have a quarter of our display.”

In the old iron category, a vintage implement is an easy keeper. “Implements don’t take up a lot of space, you never have to change the oil and you never have to winterize them,” Mark says. “They’re very low maintenance.”

The 2-point system

International Harvester’s Fast-Hitch, a late challenge to Ford’s 3-point hitch launched in 1926, provided an easy means of attaching and detaching rear-mounted implements. Coupling, uncoupling, depth control and leveling of implements could all be done from the tractor seat.

In 1953, the Farmall Super C was the first International tractor outfitted with the 2-point Fast-Hitch. In 1955, Fast-Hitch was added to the 300 and 400 tractors. The small prong (about 2-1/2 inches) Fast-Hitch was used on the Super C, 200 and 230. Hi-Clear versions of Farmall’s 100, 130 and 140 tractors also used the small 2-point prong. Large prongs (3 inches, measured at the stop welded under the prong) were used on the 240, 300 and above. In 1958, production of the small-prong hitch was discontinued, though some small-prong implements remained in production.

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