Letters: Know anything about Crack-er-Jack

Know anything about this Cracker-er-Jack pea thresher, patented Oct. 10, 1899?

| December 2010

  • Crack-er-Jack Pea Thresher
    Crack-er-Jack pea thresher, patented Oct. 10, 1899.

  • Crack-er-Jack Pea Thresher
This is a Crack-er-Jack pea thresher, patented Oct. 10, 1899. I have already machined the large gear on the back that drives the cylinder that tears up the hulls and built a new fan.
I think there might be a drawer or screen entering from the left end that slid in on an angle. On top I think there might have been a wood hopper that you would drop dried peas or beans into. It appears that the fan was driven by a 5/16-inch round leather belt. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information on this piece.
Raymond Fenley, 640 E. Jernigan Rd., Copper Canyon, TX 75077; (940) 241-2700. 
Edith Jones
5/18/2013 2:37:54 AM

My mother has one of these, she lives in Mississippi . Do you have any idea the value