Information on wrench?

| October 2009

This wrench was purchased at an auction and we wonder what it was used for. It is real heavy. It measures 45 inches long from the tip of the jaws to the end of the handle. The jaw is 5 inches. There’s a faint appearance of a color similar to army green. The printing was hard to make out; we did a pencil rubbing and came up with “Gardiner MFG. CO Oakland California Garco 316-912-23919?10” (couldn’t read the number between the 9 and 1).

Paul J. Short
16867 W. Denman Rd.
Kenesaw, NE 68956

Editor’s note: Paul, we found a Gardiner Mfg. Co. in Oakland, Calif., at 1920 Union St., phone number (510) 832-7823, perhaps it’s the same company.

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