| July 2003

I have an antique mower manufactured by 'Fence Row King, MFD By C. Bachtold, Sibley, III.' It has an 8-hp Briggs & Stratton motor. Does anyone know what year it was made or anything else about it?

- Steve Triplette, 120 5. Worley, Holyoke, CO 80734

Hay-'bine' conundrum

We have no information on the origins of the New Holland small hay-'bine,' There was no chance to talk to the farmer who owned it in Switzerland, but I took some pictures. Notice the cover with New Holland logo, but all other names were foreign.

Museum mulls meaning

We, at the Lincoln County Museum, have been moving this item from place to place and don't know its function or what it is - our only guess is that it's some sort of clamp or vise. It does have a place for a substantial wood handle and also has a leather strap that drops from the hinged top through the center of the casting to a foot lever that locks the assembly down. Please help us find out what this is and find any information about it.

- M. Shavlik, Lincoln County Museum, 2403 N. Buffalo Bill Ave., North Platte, NE 69101