| March 2002

I would like information on a garden tractor for which I need parts. The description I have is: 'Roto Tiller, Model No. B-1-6, Serial No. 18288. Graham-Paige Motors Corp., Farm Equip. Division, Willow Run, Mich.' Any help would be appreciated.

Lester M. Gudgell, 28100 Crow Dr., Meadville, MO 64659; (660) 938-4325.


The Clarence Champlin  item in the October 'Letters' column is part of a machine used to make wood slats for a picket fence. We have four identical items, each with a patent date of March 2, 1897. I have carefully examined each patent issued on this date; the enclosed Patent No. 578 284, issued to Mortimer Cahill of Lawrence, Kan., is the only patent that resembles this item. Figure 2 on the patent drawing is closer to what the final tool looks like.

Jim Moffet, Modesto, IL 62667


I would like to ask your readers for any information on the enclosed poster, which advertises Wilbur's Stock Tonic.

It shows the Pabst Famous Blue Ribbon Winners. In the lower left hand corner, it states the team won first prize at the World's Fair in St. Louis in 1904 and first prize at the International Horse Show in Chicago in 1904. Fed on Wilbur's Stock Tonic daily, compliments of Wilbur Stock Food Co., Milwaukee, Wis. The emblem in the upper right hand corner reads Wilbur's Stock Tonic, and features a horse and cow's head and a chicken at the top and a pig at the bottom. Any history would be greatly appreciated.