Letters to the Editor

| October 1998

It's a Mystery: Looking for help in identifying engine

I'm enclosing a photo or an unidentified engine. There is no nameplate nor any identifying numbers. I would like to know more about the engine, especially the make, horsepower, and when it was built. There appears to be some faded green paint, similar to IHC green. Credit for restoring this engine goes to Ed Filmore, Osage City, Kan.

-Earl Ficklin, 3220 SE 69th, Berryton, Kan., 66409


I am in the midst of writing a history of my family. One of the items that I would like to include in my book is a picture and description of a threshing machine my grandfather owned in 1913. The threshing machine was a "Stanley Jones Stationary Thresher," and the family never did take a photo of it at the time. I was unable to find any information about this machine at my local library.

I would appreciate any assistance from FARM COLLECTOR readers in finding any data on this machine.

-R.C. Feser, 4323 - 29th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6T1C4


My husband loved the first issue of FARM COLLECTOR! So far he has read it three times in four days!