| April 2002

Recently, I came across a rather interesting old chainsaw. It is a McCulloch, Model BP-1, with a 20' bar and auto-sharp chain. The original owner's manual is marked 'January 1962' on the front cover.

There are several decals. One decal on the right-hand side of the saw, reads 'McCulloch BP-1, McCulloch Corp., Los Angeles, Calif.' Below this is a decal with starting instructions and fuel mix. Next to the on/off switch is a small round 'patent-applied-for' decal.

If my tachometer is correct, the saw turns about 15,500 rpm.

I have been told that this model was built in the early 1960s, and was supposedly recalled and destroyed by McCulloch Corp.

If anyone has any information about these saws, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Alan Easley, 8300 E. Turner Farm Rd., Columbia, MO 65201.