| September 2003

I was so pleased to see and read about 'Mothballed Moldboards' in the July 2003 Farm Collector. I have a walking plow yet to turn a furrow as well. It's an Oliver Model 404, manufactured by the Oliver Chilled Plow Works in South Bend, Ind. The plow is one of my very favorite old farm collectibles..

- George Probasco, 1316 Old York Road, Robbinsville, N/ 08691

Green grinder mystery

I have a burr mill or grinder that I would like information about. It has a hint of light-green paint on it with a 3-inch circle on the hopper that was probably a logo. The large V-belt pulley was a later addition.

- Gary Covert, Payson, Ariz.; e-mail: garc@dancris.com

'Crossing' my fingers

I just purchased a horse-drawn mower in good condition. However, I can't identify the manufacturer. Several areas on the mower. I find a cross cast in the metal. Does anyone know what brand of machine I have purchased?

 - Richard Butts, 4369 Seidel Place, Saginaw, Ml 48603