| February 2003

This implement has IHC-marked parts on the wheel hubs. In an IHC book, I found some printed information, but no photos. They called it a 'damming ditcher' or a 'lister,' but I am still wondering if that is right. Does anyone know anything about this type of implement?

- Ray Loewen, 2134 6th Ave. N.W., Calgary, AB T2N 0W7 Canada

'What-is-it?' whoops

In response to the mystery tool C in the September issue of Farm Collector, which was identified as a woodworking scraper, possibly a scorp: I'm sure that the tool is a turpentine hacker. The tool was used to slash the bark on a pine tree to allow the sap to flow into a bucket. The tool had an iron weight on the end of the handle to provide additional momentum, as the tool is pulled downward for the cut.

- Dick Kates, 409 Park St., Oakland, IA51560

I am certain that the item pictured in the September Farm Collector What-is-it? page, item C, was used to tap pine resin from trees in south Georgia and north Florida.

- Preston Currey, Box 338, Hughes Springs, TX 75656; (903) 639-7305