| September 2004

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    Marvin BalzerGrain drill
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    William RogersFlat-belt-driven sharpener

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Farm Collector occasionally prints answers to readers' questions when information is available from knowledgeable sources.

Letter from the June 2004 issue of Farm Collector:

I would like to find out information about this grain drill. I've looked at the library and on the Internet, but I can't find any information.

It was probably made in the 1930s and was pulled by a horse or mule. International Harvester Co. made it, but the only numbers I can find are the part numbers, nothing else.

I'd like to find out how old it is, how many were made and how much it might be worth. I farmed in the late 1940s and 1950s, but this drill is before my time.

- Sam Pylypczuk Jr. 3103 N. Prospect St. Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (719)633-4055


The grain drill published in the June 2004 issue, owned by Sam Pylypczuk jr., appears to be what was commonly called the 'three-row drill.' The interesting thing is that it was a form of 'no till' farming used long before the term was coined.