| June 2004

The April 2004 issue was my first exposure to Farm Collector magazine. The magazine is great, and the pictures, page backgrounds and printing are all of the highest quality. Of course, the article on Cub Cadets was especially interesting to me. The pictures of the Cadets were outstanding, and Hank Will did his usual superb job covering the subject.

I have a life-long love affair with tractors and farm equipment and was fortunate enough to spend my working days with these products. My first time driving a tractor was on a John Deere A for a threshing crew when I was 10 years old for $2 a day and my lunch. It had the hand clutch, so it would go from shock to shock if the driver just leaned on it.

During my lifetime, I have seen the tractors go from the old to the modern units we see today. My working life covered tractors from the 706-806 Series to the Case IH MX Series of tractors as well as Cadets and field-working machinery. The technology in this tractor and others like it could not even be imagined in the early days. However, those early tractors are still the ones that are dear to the hearts of people like me.

Cub Cadets are still my real love because it was so much fun to design and drive them. The design could be handled by a few people, and you really felt ownership of the design. That sometimes gets lost on the modern-day tractors because of the complexity and specialization required. It is exciting for me to see how devoted many collectors are to their favorite old brand today and especially to Cub Cadets.

Keep up the good work with your magazine so we never forget the heritage of yesterday's machinery.

- Harold Schramm 4031 Longmeadow Road Downers Grove, IL 60515