| November 2003

I enjoyed reading the articles on the Famous Fleury Plows (Farm Collector, March-May 2003). As a young lad, I can remember my grandfather using a Fleury plow here in Ontario, Canada. I believe he brought it with him from Saskatchewan, Canada, where he was a homesteader.

Bruce Fleury's articles have led me in a search for the plow my grandfather loved. A distant cousin may have the plow in his barn near Madoc, Ontario. I have written asking him to look for it in the hopes I can purchase it. Thanks to Farm Collector for highlighting a Canadian company and to Bruce Fleury for rekindling memories of a prized Canadian implement.

Ken Gould, Sharon, Ontario

A pat on the back

I would like to commend Farm Collector for all its great work. I was raised on a large farm, but I was transplanted to the city many years ago. We had many farm implements around, but as a little girl, I paid very little attention to them.

Farm Collector is teaching an oldster how very lucky she is to have been exposed to farm life. I so remember the days of threshing and storing the grain. The grain was hauled from the thresher to the grainery by a team of horses and wagon. What fun it was to ride the wagon barefooted and to let the wheat sift through my toes!

I would also like to compliment your writing staff. Each and every one of them write with great creativity and professionalism. Farm Collector really knows how to pick the cream of the crop. I look forward to each of the magazines.