| May 2001

I would like to know what this piece of equipment is, and just how it worked. When I bought it, they told me it was a tomato planter, but didn't know anything else.

The operators rode backward. It has storage bins, apparently to hold the plants. The barrel must be for water, as it has some sort of injector connected to the barrel that must open a stopper when lifted by a lug on the drive chain.

The levers raise and lower a set of wheels in the center that, when in the down position, must cover the trench that the plants are some how set in. The levers also operate a chain with fingers attached that goes from top to bottom, and then to the ground.

It appears to be factory built, but as of yet I am unable to find any name or number on it. If it is a tomato planter, I would like to know how the plants were inserted into the machine.

-Richard Hak, 2260 Weigl Rd., Saginaw, Ml 48609; (517) 781-3005


This picture is from a 1925 Farm Mechanics magazine of a tractor that was introduced at that time. I thought you might be interested in using it for a mystery picture. Keep up the good work.

Mary M
1/28/2013 12:11:25 AM

Item E in the Feburary 2013 mystery tools is called a grain saver. We had them on a John Deere No. 45 combine to pick up oats and wheat that had gone down. Larry Meaker 5771 Township Rd. 400 E Toulon, IL. 61483