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Looking for leads on cutter restoration project

| June 2007

  • Cutter restoration project

  • Cutter restoration project

Years ago I received some cutter sleigh parts as a gift. I recently decided to begin restoration. Mainly, all I have to start with are the runners and springs. According to the parts that I have, they are identical to a Prouty & Glass Carriage Co. Side Spring Comfort Cutter shown in a photo in a horse-drawn sleighs book. My search for information about this cutter has been fruitless. Does anyone know where this company was based and is there more information available so I can continue my restoration? I have a lot of work to do on this, but would like to make it as close to original as possible. Last winter I bent the runners and made two of the three beams and knees from measuring what was left of the old parts.

- Ron Kinsey
104 110th Ave.
Lakeview, MI 48850
e-mail: usccc@pathwaynet.com