Letters to the Editor

| January 2002

Man-powered hay baler query

Enclosed are two pictures of a man-powered hay baler. As you can tell, one is of a baler probably made in the late 1800s. The other is a reproduction that I finished this fall. The only difference is that I have not cut the two center chamber rails off like that are on the old baler. Before I cut them off, I would like any information on this baler, including who first made it, and when and where it was first made.
- Raymond Fenley,
 640 E. Fernigan Rd, Copper Canyon, TX 75077,  (940) 241-2700,
 E-mail: RLF640@flash.net 

Pump leathers in demand

Regarding the letter about the need for pump leathers in the October issue, the Farm Collector staff might do several of us a service if they could find a manufacturer or retailer for pump leathers. I have a blow torch and plumbers lead pot that need small leathers less than 1 inch in size.
- Richard E. Wetzel,
 2301 61st St, Lubbock, TX 79412

Looking for burr mill illustrations

I am restoring an N.P. Bowsher burr mill, manufactured about 1910. It has a sacking elevator connected to the mill. I would like some pictures or drawings so I could redo the artwork on the hopper and elevator. Thank you.

- Dana Sweet,
4991 N. Satterlee Rd, Coral, MI 49322,
 E-mail: Pit78S0@pathway.com 

Information sought on corn sheller

I own a corn sheller assembled with hand-wrought nails. It is maroon in color. The company logo is written on the front of the sheller. It reads according to the drawing. Any information would be appreciated.