| April 2001

I was very pleased with the New Holland article that appeared in your February 2001 issue of Farm Collector. I was not aware of all the photos you had taken when you were here at the Rough and Tumble show (Kinzers, Penn.) last summer. I think your usage and placement of the pictures throughout the article was very appropriate.

I have received several letters since the article appeared. I also got some comments about the article over the phone from some local people who know of me.

I wish to thank you for the complimentary copy which you sent to me. I would like to see more future in-depth articles on a given brand of gas engine or tractor line also.

-John K. Kreider,  327 A E. Main St., New Holland, PA 17557


I purchased this piece at an auction a couple of years ago, and restored it, but have never been able to find out what it might have been used for. I thought maybe one of your readers could help me out.

-Frank Brcka, 3576 Thrush Ave., Plymouth, IA 50464