| April 2004

We so enjoy your magazine - Farm Collector. The reason for this letter is the cartoon drawing on page 2, February 2004 Farm Collector. The one-room school I went to wasn't as fancy as the one in the picture, but still it brought back pleasant memories. That is the way my girlfriend Shirley and I traveled to and from school during bad weather. We would hide beneath old quilts. That would have been my grandfather driving the team, wearing a raccoon skin coat, with icicles hanging from his mustache.

What will the kids of today have for memories - the time the school bus had a flat tire?

Is there a way to get a print of the drawing that's suitable for framing? I am sure this won't be the only letter you will get regarding this. Thank you for a wonderful magazine.

- Elaine Kes 4230 140th St. N.E. Prior Lake, MN 55372

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Horse-drawn combine question

Were horse-drawn combines ever used in the wheat belt of the central U.S.? If so, are there any replicas in museums or private collector displays in Kansas?