| November 2002

Utility tractor project poses several questions

I have an International 300 utility tractor, which is propane powered. It has a large cross-mounted propane tank on it. The propane carburetion system has the name 'Ensign' on it, and the regulator is 'Impco Mod. - J.' I would like to know whether someone has a manual or any information on this system and whether it is a factory-offered system or an after-market conversion. I also would like to know where in west-central Florida or eastern Tennessee I could get the original fuel tank inspected and recertified, as it may need new fill fittings and a gauge.

I also would like to know whether International actually built a 300 grove tractor or whether those tractors were conversions by independent companies. I have an identification plate on the sheet metal that I can't read, but I think it is for the sheet metal company, which incorporated the stock rear fenders as part of the grove sheet metal, doing a factory-looking job. The picture of the tractor is with the side, top and fender skirts removed. Any help would be appreciated.

- Ken Sheren, 12906 Oakwood Drive, Hudson, FL 34669; (727) 863-4116; e-mail: fltntoybarn@msn.com

Anybody know the story on Electric Wheel wagons?

I have a wagon manufactured by the Electric Wheel Corp. of Quincy, III. The model number is 500J, serial no. 48803. I made a body for it, but I would very much like to restore it. Any help would be appreciated.

- Charles Jones, 473 Glen Terrace Road, Auburn, GA 30011;  e-mail: frmlichr@aol.com

Continental engine query

I would like some information on a Continental four-cylinder engine that was used in a No. 50-T baler and a No. 52R combine, made between 1944 and 1952. I plan on restoring it. Thank you.